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The combination of 3 functions for complete skin care

Skin care system that combines 3 technologies – micro-dermabrasion with diamonds, hydro-dermabrasion, and mesotherapy – for the exfoliation, infusion, and penetration of active ingredients in the tegument, resulting in clean skin, radiating with beauty. The efficient combination of 3 technologies for the perfect skin care.

Hydrabeauty is recommended for treating black head, acne, Demodex, mites, sebum, etc. Blackheads formed by perspiration, sebum, and dust particles blocking pores are removed using AquaClean treatment with ease.
Hydrabeauty gets rid of P.acne bacteria which is the leading cause of acne vulgaris, resulting in enhanced skin condition. Demodex mites live in the skin by eating sebum but are weak against acid. AcuaClean controls the propagation of these parasites and provides trouble-free skin. Hydrabeauty treatment cleans sebum from the sebaceous gland and helps the skin breathe.

Hydrabeauty treatment

  • Profound cleansing (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds)
  • Exfoliation treatments (micro-dermabrasion with diamonds)
  • Removal of dermal parasites (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Minimization of pores (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Improvement of skin texture (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Tonifying and hydration (hydro-dermabrasion)
  • Delivery of active substances (dermo-poration / virtual mesotherapy)
  • Transdermal penetration (dermo-poration / virtual mesotherapy)
  • The treatment of superficial wrinkles (dermo-poration / virtual mesotherapy)

Email: for pricing and order.

Call: (213)-800-3385 (English) or (213)-800-3636 (Korean) for pricing and order.

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