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3-Max CoolShaping™ is the innovative CoolShaping system, which is currently very popular in Europe and the United States. It safely delivers a precisely controlled cooling, gently and effectively targeting fat cells underneath the skin with the cooling sensor without pain. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen), then eliminated without damaging the skin, or the surrounding tissues of the blood vessel and the nerve. Over time, your body will naturally process the fat and removes these dead cells.

Integrated Technology by 4 Core System 3 Max CoolShaping offers the most advanced body slimming solution by Integrated Technology. This system provides 4 major functions cooling lipolysis, cavitation, ultrasound, and multi-polar RF; a complete effective procedure for professional body sculpture.

Cryo-sculptor offers non-invasive cryo-cooling with Vacuum and LED to reduce fat cells.

Delivers optimized cool energy to promote the reduction of fat cells. Maintains a stable temperature during treatment. Additionally, vacuum and LED effectively enhance the treatment result. The fatty cells are treated and eliminated through the body’s natural metabolism process. (Reduce fat cells and an effective method of cellulite relief). The fatty layer reduction shows persistent results in the last 8 months after the treatment. (It depends on treatment and patient’s condition.)

A. Deliver a Stable Cool-Energy & Comfortable Treatment                                                                                    

     Cooling lipolysis with Silicon Peltier technology

B. S-Polar

Tightening, Lymph drainage Multi-polar RF Thermal energy Applied temperature sensor technology synergetic combination of multi-polar RF and red LED function, maximizes the effect by optimum RF frequency, while stimulates blood circulation. Promotes skin tightening and lymph drainage.

C. S-Sound

Fat reduction, cellulite stability and effectiveness, 1 Mhz Ultrasound frequency. Heating occur as an effect of ultrasound. Microsoft for muscle relaxation and internal tissue massage. Effective management of cellulite by metabolic activation to accelerate.

D. S-Cavity

Fat reduction Powerful Ultra-cavitation performance Effective 36.15 KHz Ultrasound frequency 4 Types of pulse Operating signal light function Accumulated fat layer has shrank.

E. CryoSculptor

Integrated Technology by Cryo, Vacuum and LED Strong cooling lipolysis system | Two powerful cooling peltiers attached to the handpiece | Automatically control the cooling temperature | Variable vacuum function | Controllable vacuum level: step 1 (low) to step 5 (high) | Various vacuum pulses: Pulse 1 (continuous) to Pulse 4 | Continuous mode slow, middle, fast | 620nm Red LED.

F. 4 in 1, Multi-Functional System

Integrated using of 4 different hand-pieces technology bring optimal outcome of fat reduction and body shaping. Works to: Lipolysis, Fat reduction, Cellulite, Tightening, Lymph drainage. Non-Invasive & Painless treatment.

Cooling therapy device:

The mechanism for cooling therapy is a cold-induced apoptotic adipocyte cell death for those fat cells that have been exposed to a cold stimulus that is above freezing but below body temperatures for a defined duration.

Fat cells may be more sensitive to cold than other tissues. Use of Cooling Therapy System is designed to treat male pseudogynecomastia

High frequency, Ultrasonic therapy device:

This device safely musculoskeletal pain relief with the Diathermy treatment system operator console, high frequency, and Ultrasonic therapy.
The automated menu options with pre-set pulsed waves are the best suited to treat various areas of the body.

For musculoskeletal pain relief, the automated menu options with pre-set pulsed waves are the best suited to treat various areas of the body.

Email: for pricing and order.

Call: (213)-800-3385 (English) or (213)-800-3636 (Korean) for pricing and order.

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