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Shipping Policy

it is important to input the correct address information for shipping.  if you input the wrong shipping address, there is not much we can do.  if the inputed address does not exist, it can be returned to the sender with additional return charge.  however, if the inputed address exist, the parcel service can unkowningly  deliver to the resident addressed.  this would be considered delivered. 

As a standard practice we send the packages with adult signature confirmation.  if you do not want signature restriction, please include that on the shipping instruction. in addition, in order to save on shipping cost and reduce environmental impact, we may reuse boxes, bubble wraps, and sometimes if an accessory item is bulky, we may take it out of the box to reduce the volume size for shipping.  the main item will be sent out in the original box only the inconsequential accessory item can be repackaged to reduce volume.  if this is not acceptable, contact us or express that in the comment section during the check-out process. 


DELIVERY: Esprit Supply Inc. utilizes FedEX and USPS for domestic shipment.   for international shipment we mainly utilize DHL and sometimes usps. 

SHIPMENT REFUSALS and RESTOCKING CHARGES: In the case that an order is returned to Esprit Supply Inc due to refusal, no one present to accept it, the client will be responsible for the initial shipping charge if we sent the package free of shipping charge and also the reshipping charge if we send it out second time on the client's request.
On the refused package with free shipping, Esprit Supply Inc. when issuing a refund will deduct the cost of shipping from the balance paid by the client.

For credit card purchase, if the billing and shipping addresses are different, we will require additional document before shipping the package.  


For the retail customers,  because of covid, we did away with free shipping.  
In the unlikely event that you decide to purchase a professional equipment for personal use, there will be standard FedEx ground service charge for shipping.


For the professional and/or wholesale customers, there is free shipping on cosmetic products for a minimum order of $1,000 (USD) only in the continental United States.
There is no free shipping on equipment.  A standard FedEx ground service will be charged.


International clients if you want insurance on the package, that would cost extra.  In addition to the shipping charge, you are responsible for all customs and regulation(s) that are related to your country.   Also, depending on where you order from, around the world , sometimes, we will send your product from our base in south korea to save on double shipping.  so, your order maybe split into a couple of packages. we will notify and inform you with the tracking number.  Please note, because it is an international shipping,  it may take 1 to 2 weeks to prepare your package.  once it is ready we will send you the tracking number.   on larger international order, we require wire transfer.  contact us for wire information.  all transactions are in united states dollar.

international customers:  we do a lot of importing from south korea using non-standard shipping methods.  the standards are usps, fedex, ups, and dhl.  however, there are shipping services that are similar to dropbox that are country specific.  in your country, if you look around your community, they provide shipping door to door to your country from America.  they have a permanent address in the united states where the goods are collected, and it is forwarded to your country.  this is often cheaper, and they handle all the customs paperwork.  because they do this professionally, they are better able to deal with the complexities of customs.  i would encourage you to look into this method of shipment.  

as a side note, each country's customs regulation is different.  therefore, with language barrier, cultural, and political difference, we cannot know what restrictions your country may enforce aside from common items, such as, food, plants, insects, animals,  illegal drugs.  in most cases it is to stop import of illegal drugs or precursor ingredients.  most times (99%), our packages goes through without a problem.  sometimes (0.79%), if there is a question, customs will ask for additional information to process the package.  (0.2%) they will send the package back to the sender, and rarely (0.01%)  they may even confiscate the package (usually illegal drugs).  if the package is returned by the customs, we will refund the price minus shipping charge (both ways).  in the unlikely event that the package is confiscated, we will not take responsibility.  however, please note, we have not had any problems with our cosmetic products or equipment.   this scenario would be true with all imports no matter which country or company you order from.  however, there are certain countries that the customs flag packages more often, for example, netherland, china, india, columbia.  

lastly, if you decide to return,  you will be responsible for all shipping charge, duty,,  etc,, incurred by esprit supply.  therefore, if we sent the item as free shipping, we will deduct the actural price of the shipping both ways plus duty and etc.  in addition,  there will be a  25% restocking fee.