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Face Mask

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    * 1x  Face Mask in bag.

    * 3 layer Antibacterial

     * Cool mask for summer


    Anti-bacterial Washable Reusable

    ATB - UV + 99.0 %,Fast moisture discharge

    Machine Washable , Quick drying

    Odor prevention , Bacteria reduction rare 99.9 %

    Cloth Mask



    Made in korea


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    REUSABLE: The visor can be easily cleaned with water but wiped with alcohol disinfection is recommended.

    • ANTI-FOG: Clear material, made with super transparent PVC (polyvinyl chloride) provides maximum visibility and prevents fog from covering your sight. Durable and practical.
    • SMART DESIGN: The raised design on the nasal bridge part holds shield away from the face, allowing room for thin frame glasses.
    • COMPREHENSIVE PROTECTION: Wrap-around face shield covers your face maximally by covering area from top of the eyebrow to chin. It protects your eyes and face from saliva, droplets, sprays, splatters, ultraviolet rays, wind, pollen, aerosols, and flying debris.
    • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: Adjustable elastic and it is suitable for adults.
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      Fat X Upping Band 5 sheets
    Place of Origin Korea
    Quantity 1 pack(5 sheets)
    Major ingredients Deoxycholic acid, Phosphatidylcholine(PPC), Caffeine, Hyaluronic acid, Lecithin, Adenosine, Tartric acid, Hydrolyzed collagen, Hedera helix extract, Ginkgo biloba extract
    How to use

    1. Remove film from mask. (Cut mask to fit individual facial size)

    2. Place center of the mask on the midline of chin and spread each side of the mask.

    3. Pull the mask to firmly applied along the contour of your face and loop it over your ear.

    4/ After removing the mask, lightly dap and massage the remaining ingredient on the face for absorption