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megason ultrasonic cavitation eunsung

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1.Removes fat cells permanently through the process of cavitation  2.Improves skin texture  3.Enhanced body tone and shape  4.No surgery / no pain (a HUGE benefit!)  5.No anaesthetic  6.blood circulation & lymph circulation  7.Excellent cellulite therapy  8.Connective tissue tightening  9.The patient is able to immediately return to his/her social life


1.Non-Invasive Cellulite & Fat treatment machine using cavitation effect. 2.Short treatment time with maximum effect without Yo-Yo effect. 3.Permanent cellulite treatment effect. (Once the fat cell is broken, the fat cell is not regenerated) 4.Walk in, walk out treatment (The normal social activity is possible just after the treatment) 5.It breaks the fat cell using ultrasonic waves without damaging other inner organs.

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